Mikah & Allie’s Engagement Session

Allie and Mikah are pretty dang awesome people. I traveled down to Madison, WI to meet up with the two of them. They both went to school there and it’s where they started their relationship. We walked around the town and even onto campus there for some photos. If someone was to ask me what the best part of the engagement session was I would for sure say eating Chipotle afterward and chatting with Allie and Mikah! Too bad I didn’t think to do a self portrait of all of us stuffing our face with delicious burritos! Anyways, Check out the photos and don’t forget to look for us on facebook 🙂

I just really sincerely love the couples I get to photograph! You two just make me smile!


Hammocks and the Superior Hiking Trail!

Well I’m sorry we didn’t post any photos this week! We’ve been crazy busy with life the past few weeks and we just seem to forget about the blog. We’re about 15 posts behind right now and should have a lot of pictures coming soon! Anyways, I have to make good on our new year resolution, so here is our personal post for the week.


Next weekend we will be out of town hiking along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior on the Superior Hiking Trail! Here are a couple iPhone pictures of one of our setups that will keep us warm on the cold nights up there!

The above photo shows my hammock with an under quilt attached.

The above photo shows my tarp over the hammock. This is SO MUCH BETTER than a tent! This also happens to be our only winter tarp, so I’m hoping that our smaller tarp will work okay! I say that because of course Erika will be getting all the nice gear and I’ll get the not as warm stuff!