Free Wallpapers – Like Us On Facebook

We’ve started an album on our facebook page that we’ll add to from time to time with beautiful images to download and use for your computer wallpaper. So like us on Facebook and get updated when we add new ones!

Below are samples of the first two we’ve uploaded (these are low resolution, to get the good ones you need to visit our Facebook page)

Eric & Dusty

In an effort to catch up on our blogging, I present to you Eric and Dusty! We met the two of them at the marina and hopped aboard their awesome boat for a super fun engagement session! I love that we were able to capture some of Stillwater, but from a totally different perspective than what is normally done!

Shane & Jenny’s Engagement Session

I’m so sorry that Erika and I have failed our new year resolution to blog weekly… that clearly failed miserably! Anyways, we are back at it and this is an amazing session to share with you all! Jenny is another photographer from Iowa along with her sister-in-law, Amy.  I have been meeting with the two of them over the last couple years mentoring them and getting to know them. When Jenny and her fiance, Shane, asked me to photograph their wedding I was super excited to say the least!  I always seem to get sick when I get together with Jenny, and as luck would have it I got sick right before driving to Iowa to photograph their engagement session. So I drove down anyways and survived off cough drops… literally… I had probably 30-40 of them! But the session was truly amazing and took place on her parent’s dairy farm! Before driving home we hung out and ate some delicious pizza! I could really go on and on about how much fun I had or how excited I am for the wedding, but I’ll just show you some images now. 🙂

on a side note, I decided to include this engagement session in our portfolio (website) so it’s now viewable under the wedding tab on our website 🙂