Brandon & Stephanie {Engagement}

Brandon and Stephanie are such an adorable couple…. like seriously adorable! Obviously this is a session from last year, so clearly we’re pretty far behind on blogging at the moment, but on a cold snowy day like today, what fun it is to think about what it will be like very soon! Anyways, these images were taken around the Saint Anthony Main area, but we wanted to some unique shots and not the typical shots for the area. I think they turned out great because we got some really unique shots that you don’t see on every other photo site from the area!

Jasper & Megan’s Engagement Session

We are super behind in blogging again! I promise to post more in the near future so here is the first session we would like to share. Jasper and Megan wanted to do an engagement session that represented what they love to do! We recommend this to our couples because it is a good way to get a unique session that captures your personalities and love for each other 🙂 We traveled down to Owatonna for this engagement session. We always love mini road trips 🙂 Megan had some fabulous ideas for the session which all included things they loved to do. This session was awhile ago but thank you Jasper and Megan for having us over for dinner and for the delicious food you made for the session!